LED Dimmer Module for Classic Instruments Gauges

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LED Dimmer Module for Classic Instruments Gauges



LED Dimmer Module for Classic Instruments Gauges


LED Dimmer Module for Classic Instruments Gauges

What Does a Dimmer Do?

Plain and simple, a dimmer allows you to control the backlight of your gauge cluster. LED lights, in general, are more efficient because they don’t use as much energy and as a result, you don’t use as much fuel. When using LED’s within your gauge cluster, most LED’s aren’t compatible with the standard dimmer built within your car. You need the dimmer module installed to allow yourself to dim your LED lights on your gauge cluster.

More About Your Gauge Cluster

A useful car part you need to have in working order is your gauge cluster. Depending on the style you purchase, it could come with a variety of trackers. The most common cluster includes a speedometer, tachometer, fuel, oil, temperature and volt gauges. Each of these is helpful in gauging the overall working and status of your classic car. The speedometer is obvious in it tells you the speed you are going. You don’t want to get yourself a ticket when cruising your classic, so keep an eye on your speed with the speedometer. The tachometer shows you the rotation of the crankshaft. This helps aid the driver in determining what gear to be in for appropriate driving conditions. Your fuel gauge is also pretty straightforward, it simply tells you how much fuel you have. The temperature gauge lets you know how hot your vehicle is running. If it is running too hot it can signal you that something isn’t working properly within the engine. The volt gauge lets you know how many volts are traveling between the alternator and the battery. Too much or too little can tell you something isn’t working right. All of these gauges are important to have to make sure your classic car is running properly and safely at all times. Having a working gauge cluster is a crucial classic car part you should have. Your classic car parts store has a variety of styles including different colors to best match your vehicle. 

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