1955 Taillight Wire Harness – GM Truck

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1955 Taillight Wire Harness – GM Truck

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1955 Taillight Wire Harness – GM Truck, Original Style,Cameo ONLY – 1955Cameo


1955 Taillight Wire Harness – GM Truck, Original Style,Cameo ONLY – 1955Cameo

Why You Need a New Tail Light Wire Harness

Every electrical component within your vehicle is important. Something as seemingly small as your tail lights is important to maintain. If your tail lights go out you can actually be pulled over and given a ticket. The tail lights notify those behind you of when you are pressing your brakes, signaling that you are slowing down or stopping. In order for you tail lights to work, it needs a steady supply of electric power. The wiring harness is what allows the electricity to transfer to the tail lights allowing them to work. When your wire harness goes out, it is crucial to get it replaced as soon as possible.

About the American Autowire Tail Light Wire Harness

This specific wiring harness is made to fit a 1955 GM Truck Cameo style only. It comes in the original style and includes dual brake lights, tail lights and directional lights. Tail lights are the lights that turn on when your headlights are turned on as well or when your parking brake is on. Brake lights are the lights that come on when you apply pressure to your brakes. Dual brakes just means the wiring harness will provide electricity to both brake lights. Your directional lights are fancy names for your turn signals. Using your turn signals is important to driving safety. Your turn signals notifies other drivers of your anticipated change in driving direction. In many areas, it is law to use your turn signals and you can be ticketed for not using them. If your tail light wiring harness is not working, your turn signals won’t work either. By checking your lights regularly you can determine if your wiring harness needs replacement or not. Working lights help you drive safely and avoid obtaining a traffic ticket.

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Weight 4 lbs
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1955-1959 Classic Chevy & GMC



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