1955-1956 Wire Harness Kit – GM Truck

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1955-1956 Wire Harness Kit – GM Truck

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1955-1956 Wire Harness Kit – GM Truck 8 Cylinder, W/ B.I.R. & H,E.I. Distributor, Original Style – 55-56truck


1955-1956 Wire Harness Kit – GM Truck 8 Cylinder, W/ B.I.R. & H,E.I. Distributor, Original Style – All of our wire harness kits are the highest quality available on the market. our kits are made in the u.s.a. with the original gm blueprints. our complete kits include: the dash harness, engine harness, forward lamp harness, gas tank harness, headlight bucket harness, and intermediate taillight harness, included in our kits are all the wiring for directional signals and instructions.

A complete 1955 – 1956 Chevy Truck Wire Harness Kit

Restoring a 1950’s Chevy 3100 or 3200 series Truck can be a lot of fun. Some people enjoy the thrill of trying to find replacements for rusted out door or damaged fenders. Others like to add their own personal touch by having custom work done to the interior like a stick shift or knob. One of the most rewarding elements of bringing a classic truck back to its glory days is finally being able to drive it down a busy street and seeing people admire your hard work. But before that goal can be reached, you need to have a truck that runs with electric wiring you can trust will work. A 1955 – 1956 Chevy Truck Wire Harness Kit from Tuckers Classic Auto Parts can get you on the road sooner. We understand how important any truck restoration project is to you and we offer products that you can trust for any make or model.

Why would you need a new wire harness kit?

Unlike a fine wine, electrical wiring does not get better with age. There are several different problems you can experience that will require you to replace the wire harnesses in a classic truck. One reason could be that you are starting with the foundation of the truck and don’t’ have any wiring to begin with. Perhaps you started with a truck that just needed some basic repairs to be roadworthy. Maybe the wires are corroded. Or maybe mice have damaged them. You could be in a situation where you already have wires that work but are unsure of the reliability and would like to start out with new set you can rely on. Nothing is more annoying than finishing a restoration and realizing nothing works like it should. Starting out with a brand-new set of electrical wiring like the 1955 – 1956 Chevy Truck Wire Harness Kit can help the rest of your restoration go smoothly.

What does the kit include?

Our 1955 – 1956 Chevy Truck Wire Harness Kit is of the highest quality available and are made in the U.S.A with the original Chevy blueprints. If you have a Chevy Truck with 8 cylinders, W/B.I.R & H.E.I. distributor in original styles, this kit is for you. The kit includes:

  • Dash harness
  • Engine harness
  • Forward lamp harness
  • Gas tank harness
  • Headlight bucket harness
  • Intermediate tail light harness

Also included in this kit are all the wiring for the directional signals and instructions. If you have any questions about our products or need advice about what you should purchase, give us a call or send us a message on Facebook. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has been in the classic truck restoration business since we started out of a garage in 1994. We have the experience to support you with whatever project you have in the works or want to start on soon. We test all our products for fit and function. You can trust that when our products make it to your shop, there won’t be any problems with installation and performance.

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1955-1959 Classic Chevy & GMC



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