Go Street EFI 400HP FiTech System

Go Street EFI 400HP FiTech System

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FiTech System – for engines making 150 HP up to 400 HP with a 4-barrel intake manifold


The Game Changer has arrived from FiTech with its latest addition to the line of Go EFI Throttle Body EFI systems. FiTech recognizes that not everyone needs or has 600HP or a wild camshaft. There is a large group of enthusiasts who are happy with their ZZ4 crate engine or their ’66 Mustang’s factory engine, but still want the advantage that EFI has to deliver. Fitech has taken your needs into consideration and built an EFI designed just for that purpose.

The Go Street EFI is a ready-to-run system that strays away from the programmable features and sticks to the basic functions necessary to get the best performance and economy out of your street and mild performance engine. FiTech once again allows you to ditch that old carburetor and advance into the EFI world at the most affordable price on the planet! Leave it to the experts in affordable EFI, we are always looking for ways to save our customers money while delivering the BEST performance possible!

• Application: Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Etc. engines making 150 HP up to 400 HP with a 4-barrel intake manifold.
• Replacement for any 4-barrel carburetors for engines with 150 HP up to 400 HP.
• Use the same size air cleaner you would normally use for your 4-barrel carburetor.
• Master Kits: FiTech part number 31003, 32203, 33003, 34003, 36003, 38003
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Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles. This system is designed to be installed into vehicles that do not require emission controls.
Prop 65

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Weight 15 lbs
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1947-1954 Classic Chevy & GMC, 1955-1959 Classic Chevy & GMC, 1960-1966 Classic Chevy & GMC, 1967-1972 Classic Chevy & GMC, 1973-1987 Classic Chevy & GMC



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