1960-1963 Chevrolet Truck VHX Instrument Gauge Cluster-Black Face / Blue Illumination

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Part #: VHX-60C-PU-K-B

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60-63 Chevy Truck VHX Instrument Gauge Cluster - Black Face / Blue Illumination

Does Not Include Instrument Cluster Bezel
The Importance of Working Gauge Clusters
There are many different parts that make up your vehicle. Each one serves its own purpose and has value to the functionality of your vehicle. Even the smaller parts you may not think of right of the bat, are important to the overall workings of your car. For example, the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is a broad term for all of the tracking meters on your dash. Although small, these instrument clusters are important and helpful in tracking the status of your vehicle. You want to be sure they are in working order at all times. This specific unit is for the 1960-1963 Chevy Truck as the VHX series. It has a black face with blue illumination.
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