1967-1972 Urethane Green Dash Pad Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA  - GM Truck
1967-1972 Urethane Green Dash Pad Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA  - GM Truck

1967-1972 Chevy GMC Truck Urethane Dash Pad Dark Green - LIFETIME WARRANTY

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    1967-1972 Urethane Green Dash Pad Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA Green GM Truck
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1967 - 1972 Chevy C10 or GMC Truck Dash Pad - Green

If you are restoring your Chevy truck you are proud of everything that you are doing to it. Whether it be getting original rims, an original steering wheel, or that perfect color that it was when it came out of the factory, you are trying to get it back to its original state and looking great. We all want to show off what we’re working on and especially what we are driving. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has everything that you need to show off your truck. The dash pad is a great starting point to get your truck looking like it should. It will be one of the first things people notice when they get in your truck.

This replacement urethane dash pad is model specific for 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 or 1972 Chevrolet or GMC Pickup Trucks, Blazers, Jimmys, and Suburbans.


  • 1967-1972 GMC/Chevy Dash Pad
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Self-Skinning Polyurethane for Correct Grain and Fitment
  • Includes Tracking Information When Shipped
  • Factory Colors and More: Black, Red, Bright Blue, Green, Medium Gray, Saddle

Why Your Truck Needs 1967 – 1972 Chevy Truck Dash Pad?

When restoring your truck, you think about engines, color, trim, seats, and sounds. Dash pads aren’t even on the radar yet. Dash pads are one of those things that people don’t really notice until they are cracked, faded or smelly from moisture getting in them. It’s one of those things that you need to have in your truck to make it complete. Not just any dash will do. If you put a plastic dash that is made for cars today, it will look out of place. You need to put in the same material that was used when it was being manufactured. This will allow you to keep the authenticity of the truck and make it look like it did almost 50 years ago. The purpose of having an original 1967 - 1972 Chevy truck dash pad is not to have it be noticed, but to have it be in the background and not draw attention. When this happens, you have done your job. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts will give you the best products to put in your truck to meet your standard of perfection.

Here’s a few things that make our 1967 - 1972 Chevy truck dash pad so great:

We back it up by having a lifetime warranty
Our products are made of the finest materials
Our dash pads are as authentic as they come in both color and fit

How Does This Increase My Truck’s Value?
The value of your truck is dependent on how well you take care of it and the parts you put in it. Putting quality parts and enhancements will increase your truck’s value. The dash pad you will put in will not only increase the value of your truck, but it will make it look nice and get any smell out of your truck that you had with your last dash pad. The dash pad will help in resale because it will fit like it should. Your work should be admired, and this is one of those parts that you will notice when you first step in. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts gives you the quality you want and deserve. They have the precision and attention to detail that you want when buying your dash pad. Get your classic dash pad from us because your truck deserves it.

This Product Fits the Following Vehicle(s)

-1967 GMC C10 Pick up,1968 GMC C10 Pick up,1969 GMC C10 Pick up ,1970 GMC C10 Pick up,1971 GMC C10 Pick up,1972 GMC C10 Pick up

-1967 GMC C15 Pick up,1968 GMC C15 Pick up,1969 GMC C15 Pick up ,1970 GMC C15 Pick up,1971 GMC C15 Pick up,1972 GMC C15 Pick up

-1967 GMC C20 Pick up,1968 GMC C20 Pick up,1969 GMC C20 Pick up ,1970 GMC C20 Pick up,1971 GMC C20 Pick up,1972 GMC C20 Pick up

-1967 GMC C25 Pick up,1968 GMC C25 Pick up,1969 GMC C25 Pick up ,1970 GMC C25 Pick up,1971 GMC C25 Pick up,1972 GMC C25 Pick up

-1967 GMC K10 Pick up,1968 GMC K10 Pick up,1969 GMC K10 Pick up ,1970 GMC K10 Pick up,1971 GMC K10 Pick up,1972 GMC K10 Pick up

-1967 GMC K15 Pick up,1968 GMC K15 Pick up,1969 GMC K15 Pick up ,1970 GMC K15 Pick up,1971 GMC K15 Pick up,1972 GMC K15 Pick up

-1967 GMC K20 Pick up,1968 GMC K20 Pick up,1969 GMC K20 Pick up ,1970 GMC K20 Pick up,1971 GMC K20 Pick up,1972 GMC K20 Pick up

-1967 GMC Crew Cab,1968 GMC Crew Cab,1969 GMC Crew Cab ,1970 GMC Crew Cab ,1971 GMC Crew Cab,1972 GMC Crew Cab

-1967 GMC Blazer,1968 GMC Blazer,1969 GMC Blazer ,1970 GMC Blazer ,1971 GMC Blazer,1972 GMC Blazer

-1967 GMC Suburban,1968 GMC Suburban,1969 GMC Suburban ,1970 GMC  Suburban,1971 GMC Suburban,1972 GMC Suburban

-1967 GMC Sierra,1968 GMC Sierra,1969 GMC Sierra ,1970 GMC  Sierra,1971 GMC Sierra,1972 GMC Sierra

-1967 GMC Jimmy,1968 GMC Jimmy,1969 GMC Jimmy ,1970 GMC Jimmy ,1971 GMC Jimmy,1972 GMC Jimmy

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