1967-1972 Chevy GMC Truck Urethane Dash Pad Bright Blue - LIFETIME WARRANTY

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1967 - 1972 Chevy C10 or GMC Truck Truck Dash Pad (Blue)

Tuckers Classic Auto Parts is proud to offer this high-quality 1967 - 1972 Chevy truck urethane dash pad. Compatible for both a GMC or Chevy truck, this styled and textured in blue urethane dash pad will revamp any cracked, faded or outdated interior. This product is specifically for those looking to update the inside of GMC or Chevy truck or simply replace a damaged dash.


  • 1967-1972 GMC/Chevy Dash Pad
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Self-Skinning Polyurethane for Correct Grain and Fitment
  • Includes Tracking Information When Shipped
  • Factory Colors and More: Black, Red, Bright Blue, Green, Medium Gray, Saddle

This dash pad is designed to fit truck models between the years 1967 to 1972 and it is meant for Chevrolet or GMC Pickup Trucks, Blazers, Jimmys and Suburbans. When searching for a product to reinspire a classic interior look, it is important to search for a product with great durability and reliability. This dash pad provides all the qualities a Chevrolet truck owner looks for.

This product is made in the USA and is designed to mimic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. These parts allow for the best quality without exceeding their higher market price. Its flexible material provides for easy installation and will fit like a glove when installed in any GMC or Chevrolet tuck between the years 1967 to 1972. This product is designed specifically for trucks and will not fit other cars or automobiles of the same make, year or model.

This dash pad is comprised of high quality urethane material. Unlike other standard pads, Being made of urethane, it offers many benefits that a standard plastic dash pad does not. Typical plastic dash pads do not offer the flexibility that a urethane pad provides. Plastic tends to be a firmer material, which makes it less durable and far more likely to break or crack under impact or susceptible to small strains over time. The 1967 - 1972 Chevy truck dash pad urethane material differs in that it is made up of an elastic compound and this elasticity allows for greater resistance to wear and tear over time.
This Chevrolet dash pad will not warp under extreme temperatures and offers a long-lasting stock appearance, leaving your truck’s interior shining like new for far longer.
This urethane dash pad is also made from a non-brittle compound and will not crack or break under normal usage. Its resiliency helps to resist abrasions, making it incredibly durable and fade resistant. These features give a GMC or Chevy dash pad a longer life while maintaining its classic look.

Tucker’s Classic Auto Parts offers a lifetime warranty on this product. For those looking for a quality part to revive the look of their prized 1967 to 1972 Chevy or GMC truck, this dash pad will not disappoint. This American made, vibrant blue colored, Chevrolet dash pad will provide a new vibe and classic aesthetic any Chevy truck owner could want in order to recapture its original look.

This Product Fits the Following Vehicle(s)

-1967 GMC C10 Pick up,1968 GMC C10 Pick up,1969 GMC C10 Pick up ,1970 GMC C10 Pick up,1971 GMC C10 Pick up,1972 GMC C10 Pick up

-1967 GMC C15 Pick up,1968 GMC C15 Pick up,1969 GMC C15 Pick up ,1970 GMC C15 Pick up,1971 GMC C15 Pick up,1972 GMC C15 Pick up

-1967 GMC C20 Pick up,1968 GMC C20 Pick up,1969 GMC C20 Pick up ,1970 GMC C20 Pick up,1971 GMC C20 Pick up,1972 GMC C20 Pick up

-1967 GMC C25 Pick up,1968 GMC C25 Pick up,1969 GMC C25 Pick up ,1970 GMC C25 Pick up,1971 GMC C25 Pick up,1972 GMC C25 Pick up

-1967 GMC K10 Pick up,1968 GMC K10 Pick up,1969 GMC K10 Pick up ,1970 GMC K10 Pick up,1971 GMC K10 Pick up,1972 GMC K10 Pick up

-1967 GMC K15 Pick up,1968 GMC K15 Pick up,1969 GMC K15 Pick up ,1970 GMC K15 Pick up,1971 GMC K15 Pick up,1972 GMC K15 Pick up

-1967 GMC K20 Pick up,1968 GMC K20 Pick up,1969 GMC K20 Pick up ,1970 GMC K20 Pick up,1971 GMC K20 Pick up,1972 GMC K20 Pick up

-1967 GMC Crew Cab,1968 GMC Crew Cab,1969 GMC Crew Cab ,1970 GMC Crew Cab ,1971 GMC Crew Cab,1972 GMC Crew Cab

-1967 GMC Blazer,1968 GMC Blazer,1969 GMC Blazer ,1970 GMC Blazer ,1971 GMC Blazer,1972 GMC Blazer

-1967 GMC Suburban,1968 GMC Suburban,1969 GMC Suburban ,1970 GMC  Suburban,1971 GMC Suburban,1972 GMC Suburban

-1967 GMC Sierra,1968 GMC Sierra,1969 GMC Sierra ,1970 GMC  Sierra,1971 GMC Sierra,1972 GMC Sierra

-1967 GMC Jimmy,1968 GMC Jimmy,1969 GMC Jimmy ,1970 GMC Jimmy ,1971 GMC Jimmy,1972 GMC Jimmy



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