Erashe Stuart

Always honest


Tuckers is my place for when I need parts for my Chevy truck

Jacob Dirkson

Great source for parts and information

Jose Castellanos

Friendly staff

Catherine Rosinski

Great service they know what they are talking about !!

Bobby Vigil

We absolutely love these guys!

Penny Lane

Vintage Chevy truck parts. Mail order catalog available.

mark Abbott

Great selection of classic truck parts.

Frank Dvorak

Great selection and a staff that knows what they are talking about.

Steve Williams

Always have what I need for my 85 Chevy

Stephen Messner

Quality parts and a knowledgeable staff. Not much else you want with a classic parts shop.

Stu Iesley

Not only do they sell top of the line parts but they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Bill Smith

They've helped me a few times with classic truck parts. I have a Chevy 6400 1957 truck that I love more than anything. I needed a ton of parts for her and they got me what I needed. Thanks Tom for hooking me up!

George Washington

I will make this short and sweet. I will go no where else to get parts for my 58 Chevy that I am restoring. Cody you rock man!

Allison Jones

My husband and I are from FL so it's strange that we are writing a review about a Vegas truck shop. We stumbled upon Tucker's when we went out to Vegas on vacation a month or so back. We heard about a car show going on and went and checked it out. We had a great time. Got to talk with Cody (I think he was the owner or something like that) about our 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10. The man knew his stuff. He told us they can ship all over the place so we will be hitting them up for parts in the future. Hope to see you guys soon!

Tara Erickson

This is the only place that sells new classic car parts, in southern Nevada. The staff are knowledgeable.

Michael Schwob

My go to store for classic chevy truck parts. They really know what they are talking about and it shows by how much passion they have when talking to them about classic trucks.

Jim Balley

Love this place they have everything you need to restore your classic cars & trucks

jimmy ledlow

This is a wonderful place!! Everyone is so friendly, the customer service is top notch.

Christine Huffman

These guys are awesome to work with and will take care of you! Great company run by a great group of people!!! Highly recommend Tuckers!

Chris Hildebrand

The best for classic chevy truck parts in town. There's no other place that you can get the parts locally. Very good prices too. Thanks guys for the help. Especially Natalie for helping me with my order.

Tarence Prater

The absolute best service I have ever received when it came to buying parts for my C10. The staff was incredibly knowledgable. They even answered questions about installation for parts I already had. I won't be going anywhere else for my parts.


I was just about to come on here and rip them a new one. I ordered parts about 2 months ago and hadn't received them yet. I thought they stole my money. I even posted some negative feedback on their facebook page. Well it turns out I gave them the wrong address. After talking to them we got it fixed and I got the parts yesterday. Honestly as mad as I was I am very impressed with how they handled the situation. They were calm and took care of the problem even though it was my fault for entering the wrong address on their site. Sorry guys and thanks for putting up with my dumb butt! Talk to ya soon.

Bradley Wyatt

I've been to a couple of their car shows. They were a blast. Got a chance to talk with Cody Tucker about trucks. The dude knows his stuff. If I'm ever lucky enough to get a Classic Truck, I will be heading out to tuckers for sure.

Richard Bell

Tom is always helpful. Most everything in stock

Steve Palazuelos

Went to a car/truck show with my husband in November that they helped put on. I have to say Cody and the staff are some of the nicest people around. They know so much about classic trucks it's insane. I would definitely recommend stopping by their shop or giving them a call if you've got questions about your classic. My husband calls them at least once a week with questions about his 1965 Chevy pickup. Anyways I just thought It would be nice to show them some love.

Jill Sanchez

Nice people, and they've got the parts!

Andy Verbil

A great place to shop they had most of the items we needed for 85 Chevy right there in stock. Great people we will continue to shop there.

Linda Tejada

I really enjoy those guys down at the shop. They've been helping me restore my fathers 57 Chevy for a few years now. It's been a slow process but we worked on the truck when he was alive and I really want to finish it. Cody and the rest of the guys have walked me through step by step any questions I may have (and there's been a lot). I would definitely recommend them for parts and service. So helpful!

Jessica Duval

As far as classic truck parts go, it doesn't get any better than Tuckers. They are awesome and super easy to work with. They have made the restoration process of my 59 Chevy so easy. They genuinely care about the project I am working on which is nice.

Kyle Thompson

I was highly impressed by the car knowledge these guys have. Not only did they take interest in what I had concerns with, they also recommended many parts and resources for my build that I had not considered before I came in. Cody, in particular, was super helpful and genuinely excited about getting me the parts I need at a price I could afford. I can't recommend these guys enough.

Chad Russell

Always has parts for my classic in stock...great place....very interactive and friendly.....classic truck or new this is the place

Roy Alan Brower

If you own a classic you have to go here! Everything you need and great prices! Every part on my 79 K5 is from here

steve rohaley

Great people. Looking forward to them opening a store in Cedar City.

Martin Haeberle

Great parts resource for classic truck, and occasional classic car show. It is nice to have a local store that sells your classic truck parts, instead online only where you can’t get quality feel of the parts.

Bojan Nenadic

Great place to buy your chevrolet parts and other vehicles great deals and prices in town an there employers are great so if you decide to get your parts or even just have questions about something talk to Mr Tom he's the best guy there I think to help you with whatever you need 😀

James Ledlow

If you are looking for a company that knows more about your truck than you do, Tuckers Parts is the place. Cody, Somer, and the staff know each and every Chevy truck from '47 on up like the back of their hand. Their superior knowledge has saved me so much time and kept me from making mistakes that could have been costly. When shopping around, I don't even bother because I know I can just get the best price and selection of parts from Tuckers. Don't even waste your time shopping around. I'll save you the hassle, do what I've learned - just call Tuckers Parts. It doesn’t hurt that they are ULTRA friendly too.

Nathan Hawkes

Went for the grand opening and all the staff seemed really cool and helpful. Was able to look up a few parts I need.

Stephen Barnes