Red Classic Chevy C10 truck with upgrades.

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6 Best Upgrades For Your Classic Chevy C10 Truck


6 Best Upgrades For Your Classic Chevy C10 Truck


Owning a classic Chevy C10 is a nod to the golden era of American trucks, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy modern comforts and performance. If you're ready to breathe new life into your classic ride, consider these six popular upgrades for your classic Chevy C10 truck.

1. Disc Brakes

1963-1972 Chevy/GM lug disc brake conversion kit

One of the first and most crucial upgrades for your classic Chevy C10 is disc brakes. Swapping out the old drum brakes for modern disc brakes enhances stopping power and safety. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising down the highway, disc brakes provide improved responsiveness and better control over your cherished classic.

2. Power Steering

Complete power steering conversion for GM trucks
Say goodbye to the muscle-straining effort required to turn the wheel with the addition of power steering. Upgrading to power steering not only reduces driver fatigue but also enhances the overall driving experience. Maneuvering your C10 through tight spots becomes a breeze, making your truck more enjoyable to drive on any occasion. So whether your vehicle just needs a replacement or if your vehicle was never equipped with power steering to begin with, finding and installing a complete power steering conversion kit for your classic chevy truck will make all the difference!

3. LED Headlights

White LED headlight upgrade on a Chevy C10 truck

Bring your classic Chevy C10 into the 21st century with LED headlights! Not only do they add a touch of modern style to your truck's appearance, but they also significantly improve visibility during nighttime drives. LED headlights are energy-efficient, durable, and offer a crisp, clear beam of light, ensuring you can confidently navigate the roads, day or night.

4. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning assembly kit for a classic Chevy truck

Nothing beats the summer heat like a properly functioning air conditioning system. Upgrade your classic C10 with a modern air conditioning unit to stay cool and comfortable during those hot summer days. With climate control at your fingertips, you can extend your cruising season and enjoy your classic truck year-round.

5. Power Windows

Power window conversion kit for a classic Chevy truck

Experience the convenience of power windows in your classic Chevy C10. Ditch the manual window cranks and enjoy the ease of one-touch operation. Power windows not only add a touch of luxury to your truck but also make adjusting windows a seamless process, allowing you to focus on the joy of the open road. These Nu-Relics Power Window Kits offer a switch style operator, or you can convert your original style window crank with Nu-Crank technology.

6. Upgraded Gauges/Dash

Upgraded dash from Classic Instruments with new gauges

Enhance the interior of your classic C10 with a modernized dash. Consider upgrading to a digital instrument cluster or installing additional gauges to monitor vital engine parameters. A revamped dash not only adds a contemporary touch to your truck's interior but also provides valuable information at a glance, ensuring you stay in control of your classic Chevy's performance. Classic Instruments and Dakota Digital gauges are both Made in America and offer different looks and feels to the interior of your Classic Chevy Truck.

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  • Kevin Washington

    Plan on making upgrades 3 through 6 inclusive. Is there a rear disc brake kit available w/rotors?

  • Walter Kime


  • Chuck hall

    Tilt steering column,
    Close ratio. Steering box,

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Red Classic Chevy C10 truck with upgrades.

6 Best Upgrades For Your Classic Chevy C10 Truck

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