1947-1951 Altman Easy Latch Kit-GM Truck

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Part #: AEL-CT4751

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The Altman Easy Latch, vehicle specific, bolt-on bear claw latch kit for the 1947-1951 Chevy Trucks is here. This kit is designed specifically to fit your make and model of truck. This is no universal bear claw latch kit. Each latch is designed to work with your interior and exterior handles. Our latches have a strong return spring that will bring your handle back up where it should be as well. Each part of our bear claw latch is made in the USA and comes plated for years of protection against wear and corrosion. Each kit also comes with a contoured jam plate that precisely fits your door jam. Everything you need to have both doors opening and closing smoothly and safely is included in this kit. You no longer need to waste your time and energy figuring out how to make bear claw latches fit in your truck. We have done all the footwork for you.


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