1947-1953 Hot Rod 1947-53 GM Pick-Up Package

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1947-1953 GM Pick-Up Package Hot Rod Series
4 5/8" Speedometer Quad (Fuel 240-33 OHM) with Stainless Low Step Bezel Flat Glass Lens. The package includes model specific rings, mounting hardware, and all sending units.
The Importance of Working Instrument Clusters
There are many different parts that make up your vehicle. Each one serves its own purpose and has value to the functionality of your vehicle. Even the smaller parts you may not think of right off the bat, are important to the overall workings of your car. For example, the speedometer. Plain and simple, this device will tell you how fast you are going. It is important to have a working speedometer to ensure you are following the traffic laws of the assigned speed limits. This isn’t something you want to be guessing on because it puts you at risk of receiving a traffic ticket.
Another important device is your instrument cluster. Instrument cluster is a broad term for all of the tracking meters on your dash. The quad cluster tracks your temperature, fuel, volts and oil. Monitoring your temperature is actually quite important. If you’re running your vehicle too hot it can cause serious damages to your car such as destroying your cylinder head, engine block or other important internal parts. If you see your temperature gauge peak it’s crucial to get pulled over and turn your car off as soon as possible to help avoid any serious damages. Turn your heater on full blast to help drain some of the heat from the engine while you look for a safe place to pull over. The longer you drive with an overheated car, the worse it will get. Your fuel gauge is pretty straightforward, it tells you how much fuel you have! It is recommended to keep your tank above a quarter tank at all times. This ensures you car is running efficiently. Driving with low fuel can potentially damage your fuel pump or engine. The voltmeter tells you how much voltage is running between your alternator and battery. If your volts drop, this is a signal your alternator has died on you. You can keep driving your car until your battery runs out of juice itself. On the other side of things, if your volts jump up high, this is a sign that too many volts are being pumped out. At this stage you risk blowing fuses, lights and completely killing your battery. Your oil pressure reading can mean a few different things. If you have a zero reading while idling, this is normal. If you have a zero reading at higher speeds it could mean your gauge is faulty, your oil level is low or your oil pump is broken. A consistently low reading could signal an engine component has worn down causing the drop in oil pressure. Remember, in colder weather it is common for lower readings. If you experience a significant high reading, turn your car off as quickly as possible. The high pressure could cause your oil filter to burst!
Although small, these instrument clusters are important and helpful in tracking the status of your vehicle. You want to be sure they are in working order at all times. This specific package fits 1947-1953 GM Truck models as the Hot Rod Series. It includes model specific rings, all necessary mounting hardware and all of the sending units.


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