1947-1955 1st Series Intermittent Delay Wiper System-Chevrolet/GMC Truck

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Part #: CWS-4700

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Our wiper system will fit all 1947 to 1954 Chevrolet and GMC trucks with the following exceptions: On 1954 trucks only, the stock defroster ducts will not clear our system. When installing our system into a '54 either use the ducts from a '47-'53 truck or ducts from one of the aftermarket A/C system suppliers. Original radios in the upper dash board mount location will not clear our system. We have one report of an aftermarket radio interfering as well. Cross-mount master cylinders likely won't fit with our wiper system installed. The kit comes complete less assembly lube, arms and blades, escutcheons and model-specific knobs for the switch. All those stock pieces will fit on our system. Escutcheons are the exterior trim bezels which cover the pivot posts in the cowl. Please note that this unit cannot be controlled by any General Motors column-mounted wiper switches. You must use the included switch. This is due to the fact that GM switches control the wiper motor via the ground wire and our systems must be controlled by switching the positive wire.


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