1967-1970 Front Chrome Bumper-Chevy Truck

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1967 - 1970 Front Chrome Bumper
We all know that the way your classic trucks look is one of the main reasons you have a classic truck. Besides the way your truck handles and sounds, the way it looks is the most important thing to you. If your paint is rusted it will catch your eye every time. If your bed is scratched, it will bother you until you get it fixed. One thing people overlook is the bumpers on their trucks. All bumpers now days get dented if you lean up against them. The bumpers you buy today are not the same as what you would get in the mid-20th century. The bumpers today are made from plastic and made to absorb the impact of your car. Your 1967 - 1970 front chrome bumper was designed to take the blow and save the car. Technology has come a long way in the last 50 years with how trucks are designed.
Why You Should Get a 1967 – 1970 Front Chrome Bumper
A bumper is more than just a piece of metal that keeps you safe when you get in accidents. When you have a Chevy truck that you are either restoring or just working on, the bumper is what gives the truck the look that you want. It’s the finishing piece that you need to make that paint job shine and let you enjoy the true beauty of your Chevy truck.
A bumpers main purpose is to protect the vehicle from minor accidents and car crashes. The way the bumper protects the car is when it fits properly and is made specifically for that vehicle. Not all bumpers are equal. You need to get a bumper for your specific make and model. The manufacturers make it with a very specific bolt pattern that fits the frame of your Chevy truck. Very rarely does a bumper fit from a year or a model outside of what it is specifically designed for. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts will make sure that you get your 1967 – 1970 front chrome bumper for your correct truck. Getting the right part for the right truck is very important. We pride ourselves in having the right parts for every truck that you work on. We also have the best quality parts for what you are going to work on. Here are a few reasons you should get your front chrome bumper from us:

Chrome is what they used when they made your truck, it’s what you should use now
We have a 5-year warranty against fading and peeling
The bumpers are triple nickel plated for the highest quality

There are lots of bumpers that are out there that claim to be the right part for your truck. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has the best parts for your truck that will fit. Not only do bumpers make your truck look good when the light hits it just right, it is the icing on the cake of how your truck looks. Bumpers don’t improve performance, they improve the way your truck looks. Having all the right parts for your truck will make your love of driving your truck increase.

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