1947-1959 5 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit-Chevrolet & GMC Truck

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1947-59 Chevy GMC truck disc brake conversion kits are great for the enthusiast who wants the added safety but Classic look!
These kits mount to the original straight axle using the popular 5x4.75" discs.
5-Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit For 1947-1959 Chevy GMC Trucks
We have a great kit for when you are ready to trade your drum brakes for disc brakes on your 1947-1959 Chevy Truck! This kit contains everything you need for the conversion!
Why Convert To Disc Brakes?
If you own a classic truck older than 1971, there is a really good chance you are dealing with a drum brake system. While drum brakes provide adequate stopping power for your truck, chances are replacing them with a disc brake system is going to be better and much safer for you and your truck. There are plenty of reasons to consider converting your drum brakes to disc brakes:

Drum brakes are easily damaged by heavy braking and heat
Drum brakes are more susceptible to moisture damage
Drum brakes often require more maintenance than disc brakes
Maintenance of drum brakes is more labor intensive than disc brakes
Drum brakes have less than ideal stopping power

Drum brakes can still be found in many newer cars, due to being more inexpensive to manufacture, although they are mostly found on the rear wheels. The front brakes on cars provide about 70-80% of the stopping power on trucks, so most newer trucks have disc brakes up front. Your classic truck most likely has drum brakes front and rear, so it’s a good idea to really consider converting them to disc brakes. Road conditions, speed limits and driving distances have changed quite a bit over the years, this is why disc brakes are a must have today!
This conversion isn’t hard to do and may save you time and money in the future, while providing you with better braking ability right now. We know that our customers really love the look of their classic Chevrolet trucks, so at Tucker Classic Auto Parts we are able to offer this very special 1947-1959 Chevy Truck 5 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit that will give you all the benefits of new disc brakes, but still have the classic look so many vintage Chevy truck enthusiasts want to preserve. This kit is perfect for the truck enthusiast that is updating the rear axle to a 5-Lug wheel pattern, this will allow both front and rear wheel patterns to match.
Our conversion kits come with everything you need to convert from drum brakes disc brakes for your 1947-1959 Chevy truck, including:

11-inch rotors
Brake pads
Wheel bearing kit
Heavy duty rubber brake hoses
New wheel studs
5 x 4.75” wheel pattern
And all necessary hardware.

You have the options of upgrading to cross drilled and slotted rotors and upgrading to SS braided brake hoses for an additional fee. These kits easily mount to the original straight axle using your original spindles and hubs.
When using our 1947-1959 Chevrolet Truck 5 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit you may have to replace the master cylinder, which can be done before or after completing the conversion. At Tucker Classic Auto Parts, we carry master cylinders or power brake units if needed during the conversion, as well as any other parts you may need for the switch.
We know you love your classic 1947-1959 Chevy Truck and want it to be safe with a better braking system, but also want to retain the original good looks you know and love. This is easily achieved with our conversion kit, along with any extra replacement parts you need!
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