1947-1959 Front 6 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit-Chevrolet & GMC Truck

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1947-1959 Chevy/GMC Truck Front 6 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit

This is a great way to upgrade your straight axle to disc brakes and keep the original 6 x 5.5" bolt pattern. For 1947-1959 Chevrolet or GMC Truck Front 6-Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit uses your existing vehicle's hubs.

• 12" Rotors
• Calipers w/brake pads
• Dust Caps
• Spindle - 6-Lug
Note: Cross drilled and slotted rotors are a (Part# SCD-4772) $99.95 upgrade, also upgrade to SS braided brake hoses for (Part# SSBH) $55.95

1947-1959 Chevy GMC Truck Front 6 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Old, classic Chevy and GMC trucks are a luxury to have these days. People don’t appreciate how simple and fun to drive these older trucks are. They weren’t built perfect, but they were built well enough to restore them and return them to their original state. One of the must have upgrades that will update your truck is a conversion kit for disc brakes. The 1947-1959 Chevy and GMC truck 6 lug disc brake conversion kit is what your truck needs to get it stopping like it should, better, safer and more reliable than the original drum brakes it rolled off the factory floor with.

Advantages Of Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes
There are many advantages to having disc brakes over drum brakes. Here are some of the advantages you can expect for your 1947-1959 Chevy and GMC truck 6 lug disc brake conversion kit:

Disc brakes are proven braking systems
They are easier to inspect than drum brakes
Stopping power is greater and stopping distance is decreased
Disc brakes are self-adjusting and low maintenance
Water and moisture don’t have much effect on disc brakes like it does on drum brakes

These are just some of the reasons you should convert your drum brakes on your old Chevy or GMC truck to disc brakes. Leave your old drum brakes in the dust and install new disc brakes from Tuckers Classic Auto Parts.

Disc Brake Conversion Kits
There are lots of conversion kits out there for converting drum brakes to disc brakes. How do you know which one is right for your truck? How do you know you won’t sink loads of money into a kit that you will end up returning or worse, won’t do the job? Here is what you are getting in your 1947-1959 Chevy or GMC truck 6 lug disc brake conversion kit from Tuckers Classic Auto Parts:

12” Rotors
Loaded calipers with brake pads
Heavy duty rubber brake hoses
Dust caps
Caliper Brackets
New Wheel Studs
All the hardware you need to complete the conversion
Superior customer service and tech support during and after purchase

The benefits of getting the complete kit to convert your drum brakes to disc brakes are tremendous. You don’t have the hassle of piecing everything together. We have everything you need, all in one kit (however, you will need to bleed the brakes yourself. We can’t do everything for you). And, disc brakes are safer than drum brakes.
Switching from drum brakes to disc brakes won’t make your truck sparkle or shine. It won’t make it run smoother. However, the peace of mind that you get from converting to disc brakes and knowing that you have the best braking technology to stop your truck is totally worth the time and effort.

Choose Tuckers Classic Auto Parts when it comes to installing the best brakes for your 1947 - 1959 Chevy and GMC Truck. Get the right conversion kit the first time and go with a company that is trustworthy and reliable.

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