1955-1959 Chevy 3100 & GMC Pickup Truck Clip-on Door Seals Pair-GM Truck

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1955-1959 Chevrolet 3100 series GMC classic pickup truck clip on door seals.

Our door seals are held to a high standard set by the GM certification process that requires the fit and finish to meet or exceed factory specification. These soft rubber seals are made by Precision Rubber Products and backed with a lifetime warranty and include the original clips and profile rubber. If you are in the market to replace your factory door trim, these are just what your truck is looking for! Door seals are sold as a pair and include markings to specify correct fitment for driver and passenger seals.
Door seals are an item no one thinks about when they are upgrading their classic pickup trucks. Why do you think this is? It’s probably because you don’t notice them slowly wearing out over time. With older trucks, they crack and wear out and you don’t notice it until it is real cold outside, and you keep getting a draft from your door. You might also notice it when you are driving, and you can hear wind or air noises coming from outside that you normally wouldn’t hear. This is because your door seals are worn and are either dried out, cracked or aren’t sealed correctly anymore. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has high quality clip on door seals for your 1955-1959 Chevrolet 3100 series GMC classic pickup truck. We only sell the highest grade products made of the best material.

Why Is This Part Important For Your Truck?

Door seals are a very important part of your ride quality. When you are driving you don’t want to hear the road outside, or feel a breeze coming through your door. You want to focus on driving your truck and the real reasons that you bought it in the first place. These door seals are manufactured to the original specs of the vehicle and are made of the highest quality. Tucker Classic Auto Parts has the correct clip on door seals with mitered corners for your 1955-1959 Chevrolet 3100 series GMC classic pickup truck. These are made to the manufacturers specifications from the factory.
Getting these clip-on door seals for your truck will improve the quality of your ride. It will not only improve the sound quality of your ride, but it will allow you to restore your truck to its original condition.
How Do Clip-On Door Seals For Your 1955-1959 Chevrolet 3100 Series GMC Classic Pickup Truck Improve Ride Quality For A Low Price?
When we do anything to our classic trucks, it’s because we want to improve it, or get it back to its original specs. Adding these correct, clip on door seals are going to get you that much closer to getting it back to the way you want it. For your classic truck, the door seals from the manufacturer were clip on to the frame. That is the way they were meant to be put on and you should do the same. Here are a few benefits of having proper door seals on your truck:

  • Decrease unwanted outside air from getting in the cab
  • Quieter ride
  • Better control of air temperature inside the cab

These are just a few benefits of having not only the proper door seals. And not just any door seals, ones that are made specifically for your truck from factory specifications. Clip on door seals are far better than the alternatives they have now for a “one size fits all.” With the alternative, it usually involves some glue, some frustration, and some re-doing some of what you had already done. The glue on door seals aren’t as good as the ones that are specifically made for your truck.


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