1963-1966 Forward Lamp Wire Harness-Chevy Truck

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1963-1966 Forward Lamp Wire Harness - Chevy Truck, With Warning Lights, without side marker lights, MODIFIED with RH 1983-1985 and earlier "SI" series internal regulator Altenator
Why You Need a New Forward Lamp Wire Harness
Every electrical component within your vehicle is important. Something as seemingly small as your headlights are very important to maintain. If your headlights go out you can actually be pulled over and given a ticket. Your headlights provide you with light to see during the night, rain or snow. They are very important for you to be able to drive safely. Not only do they provide you with light to see they alert other drivers on the road of your presence. With your lights off, your car becomes practically invisible causing a safety hazard. In order for your headlights to work, they need a steady supply of electric power. The wiring harness is what allows the electricity to transfer to the headlights allowing them to work. When your wire harness goes out, it is crucial to get it replaced as soon as possible.
About the American Autowire Forward Lamp Wire Harness
This specific wiring harness is made to fit a 1963-1966 Chevy Truck. It comes with the directional leads and is to be used with the stock volt regulator. It also included the original blueprints, original connectors, and original color wire. This all helps assemble the wire harness per the factory wire diagram. By checking your lights regularly you can determine if your wiring harness needs replacement or not. Working lights help you drive safely and avoid obtaining a traffic ticket.


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