1947-1955 Chevrolet & GMC Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit

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1947-1955 1st Series Chevrolet & GMC Pickup Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit

We are pleased to offer this COMPLETE 1947-1955 1st Series Chevy & GMC Pickup Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit!

If you are tired of arm wrestling with your Classic 3100 Chevy Truck, then our Power Steering Conversion Kit is made for you! Our kit will make it easy to get exactly what you need for this necessary upgrade. There's no guess work or piecing together the components you need to make it work...we sell the most complete kit on the market! Once you've finished this install you'll actually enjoy driving your pickup! Just because your truck wasn't equipped with power steering from the factory, doesn't mean you can't have it now!

Tuckers' 1947-1955 1st Series 3100 Chevy & GMC Pickup Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit is the most complete kit on the market.

Our Power Steering Conversion Kit includes the following items:

  • Power Steering Gear Box
  • Power Steering Pump - Chrome option available, see drop down menu above
  • Power Steering Pump Pulley
  • Power Steering Pump Pulley Nut
  • Power Steering Pump Cap
  • Power Steering Pump Bracket - Options available, see menu above
  • Power Steering Hoses, Pair - Options available, see menu above
  • Power Steering Conversion Install Kit
  • Power Steering Pitman Arm
  • Installation instructions

Please Note: Some items are required to be purchased separately in order to finish the installation of this kit. The following items are needed and not provided by Tuckers Classic Auto Parts: power steering fluid, power steering V-belt. These items can be acquired at your local auto parts warehouse.

Please Note: Every project is different and therefore we do not include the parts needed to connect the steering gearbox to the steering column.  These parts can be added (at an additional cost) if the steering column information is provided during the order. 

Please Note: If using a SBC V8 short water pump, a three groove crank pulley is recommended.

Note: Will not work with 3 on the tree trucks without considerable modifications.

Installation instructions are included, however if you have any questions during installation, our knowledgeable Tech Support Team is standing by to help you along the way!

When you think of classic trucks, you think of the sound of the engine, the way it handles, the way it shifts, the way it looks. Some people would find it appalling to change any of those features on their classic trucks in the slightest. There are some upgrades that you make to your classic truck that will make it more desirable to drive. One of those features that makes your 3100 Chevy Truck better to drive is a power steering conversion kit for 1947-1955 1st Series Chevy & GMC truck!

Why Would Someone Want a Power Conversion Kit?
What is so special about a power steering conversion kit for your 1947-1955 1st Series GMC & 3100 Chevy truck? Without power steering in your truck, it becomes very difficult to steer. You spend a lot of time spinning the wheel when you want to make a simple turn. With power steering in your truck, you can turn it with ease as if it has always had it. Installing power steering in your classic Chevy truck will make driving it that much more enjoyable.

What Is The Benefit Of Purchasing And Installing This Part?
The benefit of driving with a power steering conversion kit for your 1947-1955 1st Series GMC & 3100 Chevy truck is that your truck will be easier to handle. It will be easier to drive because you aren’t putting as much energy and effort into making the turns and shifting all at the same time. With this kit you will be able to relax and have fun and enjoy the ride the way it was meant to be. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts has been working with classic trucks for years and we know how to take care of your truck care needs, especially when it comes to power steering kits. Here are few more benefits of upgrading to power steering:

- Reaction time is quicker
- Less resistance to steering wheel
- Can be used on 3100, 3200, 3500 vehicles.
- Absorbs road shocks
- Response time increases which makes for a safer ride

What Will This Part Do To Improve the 1947-1955 1st Series GMC & Chevy Truck?
This complete 1947 - 1955 1st Series Chevrolet 3100 & GMC Pickup Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit that you get from Tuckers Classic Auto Parts will improve the ride of your truck immensely. You will be able to focus on enjoying your truck, the scenery, and the overall ride of the truck. Driving with the power steering conversion kit upgrade for your 1947-1955 1st Series GMC & Chevy truck will allow you to improve the handling and overall experience of driving your truck. Improving the quality of your truck will make it that much more enjoyable to drive. One of the ways to enhance it is this power steering conversion kit. This kit is easy to install, high quality, and reasonably priced. This kit will change the way you look at your classic truck and it will definitely change the way you drive it! This improvement will make you want to drive your truck everywhere instead of just on Sunday drives or just for special occasions.


We have a knowledgeable support staff here to assist you in any way we can before, during, and after your purchase! We have decades of personal experience installing these products and we offer unlimited tech support for all verified purchases! When you call Tuckers (800) 544-1955, you’ll talk to a fellow classic vehicle enthusiast, not just another order taker!

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