S.drive Serpentine Pulley Kit Polished, Small Block Chevy with GM Power Steering

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S.drive Serpentine Pulley Kit SB Chevy, Polished, GM Gear Box, to be used with remote reservoir. (Resevoir not included)
Complete kit for Small Block Chevrolets with powersteering, AC, and alternator. Includes all new components; Edelbrock water pump, Maval power steering pump, Sanden SD7 AC compressor, and Powermaster 140amp alternator. Polished kits come with polished AC compressor, alternator, and water pump.
The Importance of the Serpentine Belt and Why You Need One
The Serpentine Belt is a very important part of the runnings of your vehicle. This part is one single, continuous belt that is used to keeps multiple devices running smoothly and effectively including; alternator, power steering pump, water pump, air conditioning compressor, air pump and more. This new serpentine system is much more efficient than the older system. The old system had multiple, thinner belts and took up more room than the single serpentine belt. The single, wider belt can be put under increased tension without stretching. With the higher tension, it helps reduce slip and increase belt life. With a reduced slip, it reduces the load put on the engine which helps increase your fuel economy. Another perk of having the one serpentine belt is that it is easier to maintain and replace by only needing to bother with one belt as opposed to many.
About the Eddie Motorsports Serpentine Pulley Kit
Eddie Motorsports manufactures some of the finest, most compact and complete engine accessory kit on the market such as the serpentine pulley kit. Their system brackets and pulleys are CNC machined from the highest quality aluminum. This specific Serpentine Pulley kit is made for the small block, S.drive Chevrolet or GM truck with power steering. It comes fully polished looking brand new. It is also to be used with the remote reservoir but please note the reservoir is not included. However, the kit does include a polished AC compressor, alternator and water pump along with all the necessary stainless steel fasteners. The complete kit also includes an Edelbrock water pump, Maval power steering pump, Sanden SD7 AC compressor, and Powermaster 140amp alternator.

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